FARM DEVOS Organic milk

Organic milk production must adhere to the most stringent of rules; thereby the use of antibiotics and hormones are strictly prohibited, as they would compromise the status of the milk produced, and subsequently decreasing the quality of what is, a high end product.

Equally important, feeds administered to organic dairy cows must also adhere to higher standards of production and are to be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

With lower stocking rates per hectare, animals at Farm Devos enjoy greater freedom to express the various complex social behaviours which exist within a herd as well as their inherent need to search for forage. Naturally, cows are selective grazers and can be seen nonchalantly wandering around a paddock, behaviour that may otherwise be suppressed in higher stocked farms.

Organic Milk Belgium

Distributed by LAITIERIE DES ARDENNES, milk produced from Farm Devos, is sold throughout various supermarkets in Belgium.

Its reference number is BE L352.